New Brunswick

To apply the applicant must have:

Applicants must have a basic knowledge of English and/or French so they’re able to answer questions in the interview with New Brunswick officials. If applicants don’t have sufficient knowledge of the language, they will be required to take intensive language training and participate in a second interview prior to nomination.

A New Brunswick Program Officer will review the applicant’s preliminary evaluation and documentation. If the applicant meets the requirements, they will be given an interview date in New Brunswick. Here, the applicant will have to demonstrate knowledge of their business. Applicants should expect to spend at least five (5) full business days in New Brunswick prior to their interview to:

  • research the business environment
  • consult with economic development agencies
  • identify opportunities related to the applicant’s field of expertise
  • explore education, housing and community facilities

Following a positive interview, the applicant will need to submit a business plan detailing the business idea(s) developed during the applicant’s visit to New Brunswick including: description of business (start-up, purchase, partnership, etc.) products and/or services, customers, responsibilities, relevant experience, a market overview, competition, location of the business and related costs.