About VisaV

VisaV Inc is an organization dedicated to helping business people and their families migrate to Canada and US and settle successfully. We offer a comprehensive range of innovative services to ensure our clients relocate smoothly and establish new lives in North America.

We have an exceptional team of professionals that assist and represent you at each stage of the process. We have top Canadian and US immigration lawyers, certified immigration consultants, accountants, business brokers and many others that will guide and counsel you throughout the process. We ensure you are expertly advised and represented.

VisaV understands that migrating to a new country is complex and complicated but we help make it easy and stress free. We work closely with you to ensure you have the right team of experts assisting you at each step.

We invite you to contact us for a free initial assessment and consultation to determine your eligibility. If you are qualified to immigrate to Canada or the US we then work with you to develop a long-term “Strategic Plan”. Once we have a Strategic Plan we will map out a comprehensive Action Plan which sets out the steps to help you attain your goals.

Contact us for a confidential assessment with one of our experienced professionals.